Power Pumps & Engineering are Iwaki’s exclusive distributor and partner for the South Australian market. We offer pump selection, system design and provide our customers with the right chemical pump for the right application. 

Iwaki Pumps are a world leading manufacturer of pumps for corrosive chemicals, with offices and joint venture partners in over 20 countries.

Iwaki Pumps Australia and Power Pumps & Engineering combines local knowledge and experience with the resources of Iwaki Japan, to offer pumps for practically every chemical handling application.

These applications include; Dosing Pumps, Magnetic Drive Pumps, Iwaki, Metering Pumps, Steal less magnetic drive pumps, Magnet Drive Pumps, Chemical Dosing Systems.

Iwaki Pumps Australia locally assembles over half of the product ranges sold in Australia and New Zealand, enabling us to customise equipment to suit Australian operating conditions and requirements.

Every individual pump is tested locally with full traceability and performance results available. Iwaki's magnetic drive pumps are recognised as world leaders in their field and other product ranges are gaining similar reputations in areas such as water treatment and mineral processing.

Iwaki's ongoing research and development, design improvements and exhaustive quality control ensure their products are leaders in their respective fields.

The Iwaki Range

Mechanical Diaphragm Metering Pumps LK Series
Capacities to 3250 L/hr, pressures to 15 bar. Materials in PVC, PVDF, SUS316

Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps AX Series
Capacities to 3,096 L/hr, pressures to 350 bar. Materials in PVC & SUS316

Electromagnetic Diaphragm Metering Pumps E Series
Capacities to 75 L/hr, pressures to 10 bar. Materials in PVC, PVDF & SUS316

Digital Dosing Pumps IX Series
Capacities to 150 L/hr, 750:1 Turndown.

Magnetic Drive Seal-Less Pumps MDW Series
Capacities to 5,000 L/min, heads to 100m.

Small Magnetic Drive pumps MD Series
Capacities to 135 L/min, heads to 14m. Materials in GFRPP, PVDF & CFR-ETFE
Self-priming Magnetic Drive pumps SMX Series
Capacities to 300 L/min, heads to 18m. Materials in GFRPP, PVDF & CFR-ETFE

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps Yamada Series

Drum Pumps Standard Series
Capacities to 120 L/min, heads to 10m. Materials in Polypropylene , PVDF, CPVC , 316SS


Foot valve / Strainers in PVC & PVDF

Check injector valves, inline check valves in PVC & PVDF

Back Pressure & Pressure Relief valves in PVC, PVDF & 316SS

Diaphragm Rupture Detection kits

Pulsation Dampeners, in PP, CPVC, PVDF & 316SS

Calibration columns, in PVC, PP & glass

CTU series Chemical Tanks with pump recess. In 25, 50 & 120 Litre sizes

DR series – Dry Run Protection Device for magnet drive transfer pumps


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