Pump Right

Custom solutions for any application

For most businesses, pumps and pumping systems play a critical role but most people never know they're there. That's the way we want to keep it - ensuring that you have pumps and pumping systems that work to their best.

When you're choosing or optimising a pumping system, you want to be dealing with people who know their stuff. At Power Pumps & Engineering, we offer a range of proven products, so we can recommend something is just right for your application. Plus, we have a team of highly experienced staff who can design and oversee the installation of a system that gets the best out of the pumps that you choose.

Simply put, solving problems is what we do best. Whether it be a customised or off-the-shelf solution, we'll recommend something that delivers a perfect solution for your application. Plus, we work with you to ensure that your pumping system continues to operate well for years to come.

All of our products and work are backed by a quality and service guarantee.

Australian-owned, Power Pumps & Engineering has been operating for more than 15 years, but the highly experienced team has notched up many more years in the pumping industry, working on large and small projects - locally, as well as nationally.

We recognise that the pump industry demands a robust and flexible provider with a keen eye for customer service. That's why we ensure our team members have the skills and mindset that allows us to deliver custom solutions, with your needs in mind.

Power Pumps & Engineering offers a range of engineering-based solutions for your pumping needs through recommendation of various industrial pumps, as well as the building of new systems for custom applications.

Whatever your pumping application - we can help!

Great Products & People Brilliant Service

Power Pumps & Engineering can provide recommendations on a range of pumps and pumping systems. Our extensive range of pump types and brands means we can always provide the right pump for the right application.

Flexible Approach & Innovative Thinking

Power Pumps can design, fabricate, install and commission a range of customised solutions, whatever your application.

Brilliant Service

We're with you every step of the way - even in years to come when your pumping systems need servicing or repair. Our team of experienced engineers, technicians and tradespeople is fully equipped to help with:

  • Pump Analysis and Repair
  • Pump Efficiency Audits
  • Machining, Fabrication, Painting and Coatings
  • Pump Testing to 1000 kPa with 132 kW variable speed starting
  • Onsite Installation and Service with an 8-tonne Crane Truck
  • Electrical Disconnect and Reconnect, Confined Space and White Card Certification

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