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Project Overview

The project was a private apartment complex (with 20 units) located in Alice Springs. The apartments have a main pool, and toddler pool, with a total water volume of 220,000 litres. The pools are salt water chlorinated with three existing 2.2kw 240V pool pumps and sand filters.


The complex was spending $8,000 per year on pumping costs alone and $2,000 every three years on pump replacement. The original layout of the plant room provided accessibility and OH&S issues.


Photon Solar – Active Electrical installed three LORENTZ PS1800 Solar Pool Pumps, each with XX kw of solar and a PP2000 Power Pack, to allow for switching to mains supply if required. The plant was re-plumbed with ease of access to pumps and remote isolation switches, to improve convenience and safety during maintenance and backwash.


The LORENTZ pumps were sized to turn over the pool volume four and a half times a day on solar alone. After a few days of operation the water quality and clarity improved noticeably. This was achieved by providing commercial filtration rates on a private pool with no energy cost penalty to the customer. This will have the added benefit of cost saving on chemicals and general pool maintenance over time. The expected payback to the customer will be under three years.

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