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Many industries rely on water treatment. Power Pumps & Engineering offers an unparalleled range of water treatment products and systems from the world’s leading brands, backed by a quick-response team of highly trained and experienced service technicians, to keep equipment operating at its best, year after year.

We are expert in all types of water treatment, so can recommend a solution that is most effective for your application.

The complete Water Treatment package for Water Supply, Waste Water, Mining, Industrial & Commercial, Agriculture & Irrigation and Domestic.

Power Pumps can offer the complete chemical treatment package.


Power Pumps stocks the widest range of equipment from the world’s best manufacturers and through our Water Treatment division, Flowcontrol, we can offer a complete turnkey solution to your water treatment needs.

Power Pumps are the exclusive distributor for:

  • Iwaki range of chemical dosing and mag drive chemical transfer pumps
  • Walchem range of controllers for both single and on-line control and monitoring.
  • Klorman disinfection systems use a patented Cal-Hypo tablet and a unique delivery system that provides continuous super chlorinated water at the end of a hose or pipe.
  • ATG Ultraviolet Validated Systems

Power Pumps is also installation and service partner for ESCO International provide an innovative portfolio of technical services and equipment, specializing in Ozone, UV and Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP)


Power Pumps can now supply bulk water treatment chemicals ex stock including:

  • Calcium hypochlorite tablets - typically used in potable and waste water treatment, mining, pipe line cleaning, agriculture, stock water and dairies;
  • Calcium hypochlorite granular - typically used in commercial swimming pools; and
  • Trichloroisocyanuric acid - typically used in waste water effluent, factories, mines and cooling towers.

Your Water Treatment Solution

Power Pumps offers your complete solution to water treatment including system design, fabrication in our fully equipped workshop, installation and commissioning in conjunction with our service technicians and engineers.


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