Ultra Violet Disinfection

How Does UV Work?
Ultra Violet light causes permanent inactivation of micro-organisms by disrupting DNA. It is effective against all bacteria and fungi, as well as pores and viruses, which are normally present in the air. The maximum effectiveness occurs between 240 and 280 nm and the high intensity Arc Tube produces these wavelengths in abundance.

Ultra Violet Disinfection
The primary action of UV is to kill bacteria, viruses, moulds and their spores, thus reducing the risk of transmission of stomach, skin and respiratory tract infections to bathers. UV has an important secondary action: it initiates photo-chemical and photo-oxidation reactions which destroy chloramines, a range of compounds responsible for unpleasant smells in pools. This is particularly important in leisure pools where features such as water slides and waves give a greater surface area for the release of chloramines into the air; UV reduces the burden, making the atmosphere safer and more pleasant.

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