Monitors, Analysers, Water Quality Instrumentation

Monitors, Analysers, Water Quality Instrumentation

Chlorine Residual Analysers (for chlorination and chloramination)
• Low sample flow rates
• Rapid response gives precision chlorine dosage control
• Reduced running cost
• Power supply 240V or 24 V DC (e.g. from solar panels)
• With or without buffer
• Ease of operation and maintenance

pH, ORP, Redox, Conductivity, Fluoride Analysers

• Latest technology in micro processor control
• Single or dual channel models/pH with ORP
• Extensive output configuration
• Power supply 24V, 240V
• Easily cleaned sensors
• Long service life
• Sensors compatible with all makes of transmitters
• Most advanced materials and technology
• Affordable, custom-built sensors designed for the toughest chemical application 


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