WaterMe offers a comprehensive list of features giving you complete control over your home irrigation system.

Control, monitor and relax

WaterMe allows you to control and monitor your irrigation system in real time from anywhere in the world. WaterMe is engineered and designed to be intuitive and functional offering you real time statistical data on your water flow, leak detection, error notification and possible system malfunction.

Using zone photo identification, you are able to quickly identify which zones are active and view any statistical data regarding current flow rate, average flow rate and time remaining for that watering cycle. WaterMe makes managing your irrigation system straight forward to use, changing the way you think about water management.

10 programmable schedules and zones

Intelligent zone control allows you to control and monitor up to 10 watering zones with ease and convenience. For additional ease of use WaterMe allows you to capture and upload a unique photo to each zone helping you to quickly identify sections of your garden.

With up to 10 programmable watering schedules WaterMe is able to manage your garden giving you more time to do the things you enjoy. WaterMe offers up to 10 inputs for zones and 1 additional master valve input for the ability to shutdown your entire system in the event of a leak. Our engineers have spent time on creating a product that offers a range of functionality to suit any situation.

With remote access, you wont be restricted

WaterMe allows you to control and monitor your irrigation system remotely through an intelligently designed mobile app or computer web interface. Utilising our remote WaterMe server you will be connected to your device from anywhere in the world so long as you have internet access.

WaterMe is connected 24/7 and allows you to view your current watering cycle, set up watering schedules and stop the flow of water if there is a reported leak in the system. Utilising the WaterMe server you will be able to make any changes to your irrigation system, anytime, anywhere, giving you complete control. 

Responsive to local weather conditions

WaterMe is responsive to changing weather conditions and gives you complete flexibility in adjusting your watering requirements. WaterMe connects to local weather stations and allows you to configure watering parameters to ensure you never underwater or over water your plants again.

WaterMe gives you the ability to increase or decrease your watering by a set percentage of time in the event of extreme heat or heavy rainfall providing you with optimum watering performance. WaterMe allows you to set up recurring schedules that will automatically adjust to local weather events. A unique feature for environmentally conscious users, WaterMe will save you money in winter and save your plants in summer.

Included flow sensor

WaterMe includes a free Nymet  1" Flow Sensor and is capable of having up to 3 flows sensors for optimum monitoring performance. Installing a flow sensor allows you to accurately monitor your water usage to keep your water bills under control. The Nymet flow sensor is tuned to detect leaks, broken pipes and alert you to any irregular events in your irrigation system.

With the Nymet flow sensor you will be prepared against large watering bills and under watered plants. With WaterMe remote access capability you will be able to view statistical information on your current watering cycle from any location so long as you are connected to the internet.
Flow-Sensor support

Simple, easy and intuitive

WaterMe is designed to be simple and straightforward to install and use. We believe that once you successfully set up your WaterMe controller you will no longer need to refer to the installation manual! It is that simple. To assist you in the installation process we have provided a quick start guide and a detailed technical installation guide in the initial start up package to walk you through every step.

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