Submersible Jet Aerator

The submerisble jet aerator provides efficient aeration and a high shear rate mixing, which are important in modern wastewater treatment systems.

The aerator impeller turns and air (atmospheric) is drawn down the draft tube and entrained in the water. This mixture is then distributed through a hardwearing manifold.

Key Features:

  • Designed for long life
  • The wet set is built from 316 stainless steel with an urethane manifold.
  • The aerator offers over 0.85 and does note require regular maintenance to maintain transfer efficiency.
  • Reliable
  • Testing has confirmed that clear water oxygen transfer efficiency is in excess of 1.85kg / kWhr.
  • Self cleaning and eliminates loss of efficiency due to bio-fouling
  • Clear water oxygen transfer efficiency is in excess of 1.85 kg / kWhr
  • Higher specific capacity allows retrofitting for better aeration often without electrical upgrapde.
  • The base design in gentle on tanks including steel panel tanks.

Technical Data:

Motor: Standard - 15kw , 415V Ebara DML 10metre cable length (longer lengths can be provided)
Impeller: 316SS, laser cut, welded and balanced
Dispersion Manifold: Moulded Urethane
Wetted Components: Machined 316SS
Base: Plasma Cut 316SS with Rubber Lining


Draft Tube: 100mm 316SS with lifting points (length dependant on tank depth)
Fixing brackets from top of draft tube to sides of tank

Silencer: PVC Inner with either PVC Metallic Painted OR SS Outer
Acoustic liner for noise attenuation

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