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Paul has worked in the industry, in Australia, since 1970, when he joined Kelly & Lewis Pumps involved in design, standardization and metrication.

In 1980 he joined Wallace & Tiernan, a then worldwide leader in manufacturing chemical dosing equipment, as sales engineer and later as state manager for SA and NT.

He became a specialist in all aspects of chemical dosing including Gas Chlorination, Dosing Pumps, Dry Feeders and Instrumentation.

In 1996 he started his own company Flowcontrol Pty Ltd, which he sold 16 years later to Power Pumps and Engineering. Whilst running his own company he continued successfully in all aspects of water treatment and became very well known in the industry for his knowledge, passion, reliability, and after sales backup.

His reputation and knowledge is a great addition to the PP&E Team, he particularly enjoys business development, dealing with consultants, lecturing and providing excellent after sales backup.

U6 Kitawah St, Lonsdale, SA 5160
Phone: 08 8326 5056 


Email: admin@powerpumps.com.au